Announcing the MPS, Monte Pittman Signature Guitar

12 December 2011 | Current News


Jarrell Guitars is extremely proud to announce the MPS, Monte Pittman Signature guitar

Touch it, Feel it, Play it at the Namm Show. Experience the vibe at The Super Bowl Game, half time show.

This has been an artistic process of Phillip Jarrell and Monte Pittman searching for the Magic Bullet of guitars. Monte plays such a wide range of styles in the course of any one performance that he needs many guitars to do the job. Using the best of the best, combined with the many years of experience both artist brought to the quest, we have this amazing instrument hell bent on rockin’ the world. The turbo combination of Seymour Duncan pick ups, is a product of both artist as well as Monte working together with MJ at the Seymour Duncan Custom shop to achieve a new type of DimeBucker never made before. Add a middle position STk-S7 Vintage Hot Stack, with custom wiring using a Super 5 way switch. The possible sounds are truly amazing. Up to now all the MPS models Monte has been playing are prototype models. The first sighting of the actual MPS will be at The Namm Show 2012, Jarrell Booth 4198. First performance debut will be the Super Bowl Game half time show, as Monte brings the world to their feet with Madonna live at Super Bowl 2012.

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